Monday, July 15, 2013

Tamarindo's French Connection

I previously showed some photos of this guy on horseback in the middle of town.  Today's photo is not about the horse or rider, or the truck rumbling through town.  It is about the sign in the background.

Several Daily Photo bloggers this weekend noted Bastille Day, so I am a little late, but they have prompted me to post this photo as a way to comment about Tamarindo's French connection.

The sign in the background advertises a computer business named "Mr. Tom."  They provide products and technical support.  So what is the French connection?  I read a local newspaper article years ago about the owner of the Mr. Tom business, and he is French.

Of course they asked him if his name is Tom, and it is not.  He said the reason he chose the name is that "Tom" is that people who speak any language can pronounce and understand it.  Tamarindo is full of foreigners.  In addition to the person who owns Mr. Tom, the people from France include the interior decorators we used for our two condos, the photographer who took the photos of our condos for the websites where they are listed, the lady who runs an activity shop on the main street, and the young woman who works for our property management company and takes excellent care of our guests is also from France.

This week we are showing photos from Tanzania on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site.


Kate said...

Well, with all those French connections, there should have been some kind of celebration. I went downtown Santa Fe to the French Pastry Cafe in the La Fonda Hotel for my traditional bowl of French Onion soup (always so delicious!) and there was nary a sign there honoring Bastille Day!

glenda said...

No would ever suspect that Tom's was owned by someone from France.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Sounds like there are many French connections in Tamarindo Dave ..well done for finding them.

Sharon said...

I remember the French interior designers that decorated your place. I believe Julie and I had lunch with them one day.

Lowell said...

Bonjour ! You do have a French connection there but as I recall that was a scary movie. Oui ?

Au revoir.

Now you know everything I know about the French language!

I like this photo a lot what with the truck edging into the scene about to maul that poor guy on the horse and Mr. Tom watching over it all with French insouciance. Whatever that word means. :)

Judy said...

That is quite a bit of connecting. And I don't mind seeing the shirtless young man on horseback again at all.

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