Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Langosta Road

Tamarindo is a small town, even though it is the leading beach resort town in Northwest Costa Rica.  In fact, the Washington Post travel editor recently recommended Tamarindo as the best beach to visit in Costa Rica.

This is the photo of the road that connects the main part of Tamarindo with Langosta, which is the most upscale residential neighborhood.  In Langosta there are million dollar homes, and condos ranging to more than half a million.  Yet the road is still not paved.

There has been discussion for years about paving the road for the final mile through the middle of Tamarindo and to Langosta.  One of these years the government in Santa Cruz will do it.  The problem is that nearly all the residents of Tamarindo are foreigners who can't vote, so the government of course gives a higher priority to the needs of Santa Cruz, where most of the voters live.

Tamarindo generates a lot of tax revenue for the local area, which will hopefully encourage the government to invest in additional infrastructure.  In addition to the tourist economy, Costa Rica a few years ago adopted a "luxury tax" on property.  Homes and condos that are valued above about $250,000 pay a higher rate.  That is fine with me.   Costa Rica is the most prosperous country in Central America, but it needs more public investment in roads and other public improvements.  

Tomorrow I will show a photo of what is at the end of this road in Tamarindo.

This week we are showing photos of an old cemetery and ruins of an old Friary on the Hill of Slane, Ireland, on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site.


Kate said...

I suppose that "charm" does not do it for the visiting residents?

Sharon said...

I actually kind of like the country charm to the dirt roads in that area.

Judy said...

I would guess that the locals are not the ones who live in the million dollar homes. But perhaps they work in them.

glenda said...

Very pleasant walk into town. More interesting unpaved.

Bob Crowe said...

Playa Grande is a broader and nearly empty beach but Tamarindo has all the amenities. We would love to see that road paved. Don't much like driving back to Langosta after a busy day and big dinner.

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