Friday, July 11, 2014

Isla Capitan

This is Isla Capitan, a tiny island at the southern end of Tamarindo Bay.  The island is barely visible at high tide.  It serves an important function, however.

It shelters the southern part of the bay, which allows fishing and tour boats to be moored in the bay.

Cabo Velas at the north end of the bay is in the background.

This week we are showing some underwater photos from the Sea of Cortez on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site, including several photos of sea lions swimming underwater with us.


Kate said...

It is wonderful when nature and humans can work together in just this way by sheltering the boats.

Sharon Anck said...

Upon seeing the title of your post and old Madonna song "La Isla Bonita" popped into my head. I hope it doesn't get stuck there all day.

Judy said...

Such a peaceful pass time watching the waves splash on the rocks.

You are right about the placement of the boot in the stirrup in my photo today. If the horse acts up you could easily get hung up. This young boy was about ten years old and I guess hadn't figured that out yet.

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