Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Canopy walk view

This fern is not a potted plant. This is a view down on the tops of large trees. The canopy walk shown in yesterday's photo allows visitors to walk in the midst of the tops of trees and to look down on tree tops.

The cloud forest has multiple levels of vegetation, with tall trees providing a canopy of shade to shelter the smaller trees and bushes that grow near the ground. Tomorrow I will show a photo of the forest from the ground looking up.

I mentioned yesterday that Monteverde was founded by Quakers in 1949 due to their opposition to war and Costa Rica's abolition of its military. We met with one of the original group of about 50 Quakers who came to settle Monteverde at that time. Most traveled by ship, but he was one of a few who drove from the USA to Costa Rica. It took months, as the Pan American Highway was not built. I will relay more of his story during the next few days.

(By the way, the Pan American Highway travels through Liberia and San Jose and is shown as Route 1 on the map I have posted in the lower left sidebar of this website.)


JM said...

I visit your blog quite often for two reasons: I love nature and you have very nice pics on your interesting posts; second I've done some wonderfull eco-tourism in Costa Rica... and I miss it!
I've just posted some pictures of Manuel Antonio on my travel blog. :-)Greetings

Sharon said...

What a beautiful site. This is what I hoped to see when I decided to do a zip-line adventure. Unfortunately, I was too busy being terrified to get a good look around. I'm glad you have these pictures so I can see what it looked like.

David -- www.CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Next Monday, when I finish with my current set of photos from Monteverde, I will post a photo from the zip lines, so you can be reminded of the exhilaration of the zip-line adventure. In the meantime, you will have a few more days of photos of what you would have seen if you had opened your eyes and had been brave enough to look down while you were zipping through the cloud forest canopy.

Blognote said...

Beautiful trees, David!!
I read your interesting story but would not know how the local people cold have earned money being so isolated in those days.
The only thing I can think of, when I look back on my own trips in such surroundings, is of special herbs, wild fruits and mushrooms you can find in this type of areas, which could then be negotiated for money during non-rainy seasons. I look forward to reading your story in the next few days.

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