Wednesday, August 13, 2008

View from the cloud forest floor

This is a view of the Monteverde cloud forest looking up from the ground. It is the opposite of the view yesterday from the canopy walk looking down on the trees.

I provided some information in my posts yesterday and the day before about the settlement of Monteverde by Quakers from the USA in 1951. They planted small farms to grow crops for themselves, but they did not have a source of cash to buy the other things they needed. They did not have an outside market for the crops that they grew because Monteverde is in a mountainous area, and 50 years ago there was not even a paved road to the area. Also, it is a cloud forest, and trees don't get this green without a fair amount of rain. The same rain turned the dirt roads in Monteverde to mud and prevented the Quakers from being able to transport out crops before they would spoil.
Tomorrow, I will answer the question of what the Quakers did to have a product to export to earn cash for their needs. In the meantime, perhaps you can try to think of a solution. What would you have recommended as a source of earning money for a community of 50 people living in mountainous cloud forest that was rather inaccessible 50-60 years ago?

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