Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunset No. 5

This is a photo of people getting off a raft as they were returning from a catamaran sailing cruise. I guess they all had seen so much of the sunset already that they were content to walk ashore with their backs to the glorious sight behind them. Tomorrow, I will show you the sight that the people saw in front of them as they walked inland on the beach. The people had obviously had a good time. They had taken a catamaran sailboat operated by Blue Dolphin Sailing.

Tamarindo Bay does not have a pier, so the tourist excursion and snorkeling boats and fishing boats anchor in a protected area of the bay and they escort tourists from the beach to the boats on little rafts or boats. The bay is partially protected from the ocean's waves by a small rocky island and a reef.

I previously posted a photo of the sunset taken from another
sunset sailing cruise in Tamarindo. There are boat trips for snorkeling and scuba diving, and deep sea sports fishing is very popular. Some of the people who rent our condo come to Tamarindo primarily for the sports fishing (rather than the many other activities.)


Layrayski said...

that is a wonderful photo! Beautiful!

Hilda said...


Sharon said...

Great photo with those poeple all in a row and that unusual streak in the sky. Very nice.

David -- said...

Thank you for your compliments.

Sharon, I agree that the streak in the sky was rather strange. It seems to be from a cloud near the ocean, but high in the sky it opens up and reveals a blue sky behind it. And the people are lined up like ants, or perhaps crabs, walking from the raft up the beach.

Tomorrow you will see the sky in the opposite direction taken a few moments after the photo I posted today. More strangeness.

Anonymous said...

Took me a bit to realize the people weren't a pier.


Tove said...

Beautiful! Makes me want to travel! Autumn is creeping up on us here in Sweden, and our next trip won't be until mid/end of october, it's so sad here when shadows start to grow long and mornings are crisp, even chilly sometimes.

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