Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sunset No. 6, with palm trees

This photo may help explain why the people in yesterday's photo were not looking at the sunset when they were returning from a snorkeling and sunset cruise. Although they had their backs turned towards the sunset I showed yesterday, here is the view that awaited them as they returned to the beach.

The above photo shows the palm trees that line the beach and sky catching the rays of the setting sun. The colors of Tamarindo sunsets are more remarkable when you consider that the sun sets in the opposite direction, over the Pacific Ocean, and I took this picture on the beach looking east, with my back to the setting sun.

If you click and enlarge the photo, you can see the outdoor seating areas of a few of the beachfront restaurants under the palm trees.


angela said...

See what you mean about the sunsets. That's quite something.

Sharon said...

What a remarkable sky. It almost looks like there could be a storm brewing in there somewhere.

David -- said...

You are correct that the reason the eastern sky caught so much color from the sunset is that there were clouds, although it did not rain until the middle of the night. Even during the "green" season, much of the rain comes in brief showers, often in the middle of the night, which do not interfere with the tourist activities during the day.

As you can see from this photo, even though it is late in the day, there are still people enjoying the beach.

Hilda said...

Oh wow, that's gorgeous! The golden glow is all around.

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