Saturday, September 20, 2008

Come here before Starbucks does

Costa Rica is the source of outstanding coffee, one of its traditional export crops. Tamarindo has some excellent coffee shops, and not a single Starbucks.

This coffee shop on Tamarindo's main street is one of the shops in the Diria Resort complex. It also has delicious pastries, and you can buy ground bags of coffee or coffee beans to take home.

My mother-in-law is a Starbucks addict. When she visited our Langosta condo, we went to the convenience market a block away and bought a bag of ground Costa Rican coffee. She brewed it at the condo and pronounced it the best coffee she had ever had. We bring Costa Rican coffee back for family and friends in the USA when we go back and forth to Costa Rica.

1 comment:

glenda said...

Lovely coffe shop. Hopefully it will continue as an independant coffee bar. You are correct in your praise of Costa Rica Coffee. At least thats my opinion as well.

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