Friday, September 19, 2008

Langosta Beach

This photo of Playa Langosta illustrates the unspoiled beaches of Costa Rica. As the photo above shows, the beach is broad, gently sloping, clean, and uncrowded despite the fact that it is so close to Tamarindo, the most developed beach resort town in Costa Rica's northwest Pacific region.

We love to walk from our condo for miles along Langosta beach. It is a short walk to Tamarindo on the north or to the Hacienda Pinilla portion of Langosta Beach to the south, which is shown in this photo. The first 50 meters of all beaches in Costa Rica are public property, so it is possible to walk without trespassing or encountering private property.

Langosta is a certified Blue Flag beach, which means that it passes the higest international standards for cleanliness and water quality. It is also popular with surfers.

One year ago there was a problem with some septic systems some spots in Tamarindo, although the main part of the beach passed standards. Environmental authorities conducted rigorous testing, including shutting down restaurants if their septic systems were not working properly. The enforcement measures worked and the water quality quickly improved.

The current isssue of the local paper has an article about the latest round of water quality testing and Tamarindo has been tested as safe. Costa Rica takes its environmental quality very seriously because eco-tourism is the country's number one industry.


Sharon said...

I love the clouds in this picture.

David said...

It's so great to take photos on beaches. This is a good one! :)

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