Thursday, September 18, 2008

Living Fences

Below is a closer view of the above scene, which shows the one of the common "living fences" of Costa Rica.
Costa Rican farmers and ranchers often use what they call "living fences." They plant trees where they want fences, wait a year or two, then string barbed wire between the trees. It is economical, as it saves the cost and labor of installing and maintaining fence posts. It also helps the environment, as living fences cause more trees to be planted and maintained. It provides habitat for birds and insects. And it is more attractive that fence posts, don't you agree?
As I have mentioned previously, Costa Rica has the goal of being the world's first carbon-neutral nation by 2021. Living fences are just one of the many practices to help work towards that goal.


Radman said...

great idea.

glenda said...

These fences look great and they are also a good thing for the environment. Two for one.

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