Friday, October 3, 2008

Gardens at the Diria Resort

This is a portion of the gardens and landscaping on the grounds of the Diria Resort, which is the largest resort in town. This area is next to the large swimming pool that I showed in an earlier post. One of our two condos that we own in Tamarindo overlooks these gardens and the pool, as well as the ocean.

Costa Rica's tropical climate and volcanic soil provide excellent growing conditions for lush vegetation. In the northwest Pacific coast region of Guanacaste, however, there is a dry season from November through April. Around the resorts, of course, the supplemental watering and gardeners keep the vegetation colorful and blooming all year round.

The clear sunny days of the dry season are geat for tourism. During the dry season the forests in the area turn brown, and many of the trees adapt to the dry season by dropping their leaves in order to conserve moisture. That makes it easier to spot wildlife that lives in the trees, particularly howler monkeys, sloths and birds.

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Sharon said...

A beautiful garden. I love the different layers and colors of the vegetation.

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