Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pablo's garden

This is Pablo, the gardener at our condo on the beach in the Langosta section of Tamarindo. He takes pride in his work. I was taking some pictures of some of the butterflies and flowers at our building recently, and Pablo came up to show me and point out several of the flowers. When I asked to take his photo, he brushed back the leaves to make sure that a flower was visible in the photo as well.

This flower is a heliconia, which popular in Costa Rica. There are a variety of types of heliconia, some with flowers that grow upward, as this one does, and some with flowers that hang down.

The scientific name of this variety is heliconia latispathia, also called platanilla or wild plantain. It is the most common type of heliconia in Costa Rica. It reaches from 2 to 6 meters (6 to 19 ft.) in height. The plant grows like a banana plant. Its flowers bloom all year long. It produces a fleshy seed, which provides food for birds, during September through November.

Pablo is a wonderful gardener. He keeps the plants and flowers in lush conditions out front along the sidewalk, all around the parking area, and around the patio and pool area out back by the beach. He helps look after things at our 21-unit condo building, supplementing the security guards who are on duty 24/7.
Pablo speaks English well. When I told him that I do this daily photo website and planned to post his photo on the site, I asked him if he had a computer with Internet access. He answered, "Of course." I hope he enjoys his photo being posted on this website a fraction of the amount that we and the guests who rent our condo enjoy his flowers. I will show more photos of his flowers during the coming days and weeks.


Tash said...

I like the way Pablo looks - it really shows that he cares about his work.

David -- said...

Pablo does indeed care about his work. He approached me as I was taking photos of the butterfly and some flowers. He then led me around pointing out some of the other flowers of which he is justifiably proud. I will post photos of some of them in the future. I then asked to take his picture and suggested that he stand in front of the background of the plants. He then took it upon his own initiative to pull the leaves apart to expose the flower that was hiding behind them. I did not really notice until later that he had such a serious expression on his face. I think it reflects that, to him gardening is serious business, even though to us it is decoration and brings enjoyment.

Pablo at times extends other courtesies to the residents of the condo or the tourists who rent condo units in the building, which is a big help. I hope he enjoys seeing his photo on the internet.

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