Monday, November 17, 2008

Banana plantations fight global warming

This is a banana plantation on the Carribbean side of Costa Rica. The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is very different than the Pacific side. The land is flat and the climate is more humid.

Some of the bunches of bananas have been identified for picking by the plastic bags that are visible in this photo. Bunches of bananas grow upside down on the trees.

Last week the banana industry and Costa Rican government announced an agreement for the industry to achieve carbon-neutral status in four years. This is consistent with the goal of Costa Rica to become the world's first carbon-neutral country by 2021 to lead the world in the battle against global warming. Costa Rica already has the world's first carbon-neutral airline.

Tomorrow I will show a photo of the workers in a banana processing plant and that mentions some of the steps the banana industry will take to achieve carbon-neutral status within the next four years.


Hilda said...

This looks like it can be in the Philippines! (Not in Manila, though, obviously.)

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glenda said...

I eat a banana almost every day and I'm looking forward to reading the process of getting them to my table.

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