Friday, November 7, 2008

Langosta Beach

It has been a while since I posted a photo of the beach. Because Tamarindo is most widely known for its beach, here is another photo of Langosta beach.

This photo was taken south of the Langosta estuary looking north towards the main part of Langosta. The beach continues south for miles. You may
click here for a photo of the beach south from this same place, which I posted on September 19.

With a beach like this just behind our Langosta condo, you can hopefully understand why we love to walk for miles along the beach to the south, or walk north to the beach in Tamarindo.

I have noticed on my website tracker that some people land on my site after doing Google searches with search terms about water quality. Langosta beach has consistently been ranked as a Blue Flag certified beach. That means that it passes tests for international standards for the highest level of cleanliness and water quality. Tamarindo beach also passes tests that the water is safe.

One other word about water quality is that in Costa Rica visitors from the USA, Canada and Europe can dring the tap water and eat the food without the problems that are experienced in visiting some other countries.


Abraham Lincoln said...

Both photos of this beach are nice to see.

Sharon said...

Love that beach!

Jilly said...

I always like my beach photographs until I see yours and then I'm a gonna. It's the wildness, the unspoilt quality in Costa Rica that is so wonderful. Just beautiful, David, unlike the built-up quality of life here. Still I know I shouldn't I won't.

David -- said...

Your comment about the pristine environment of Costa Rican beaches in comparison to the Riviera where you live is prophetic. If you click on my photo and zoom way in, you can see some condos and construction cranes from the main part of Langosta and Tamarindo in the distance.

Managing growth is a major issue for Tamarindo and nearby communities. There is not local zoning. The President of Costa Rica, Nobel Peace Prize winner Oscar Arias, last summer issued an executive order that imposed building controls on the entire coastline of the region of the country that includes Tamarindo. Future buildings will not be allowed above certain heights and density within close distances to the beach.

It is nice that all beaches in Costa Rica are public property.

I think everyone will agree with your last line that people who live on the Riviera shouldn't complain, except perhaps about the cost of living. There are many places in the world that admire the Riviera so much that they borrow the name. Santa Barbara and Laguna Beach in California sometimes are called the American Riviera. The coast south of Cancun in widely called the Riviera Maya.

Maybe people will start calling the area around Tamarindo the "Tico Riviera." Up the coast we have the Four Seasons Papagayo, and from the spot where today's photo was taken it is possible to walk down the beach to a new J.W. Marriott resort being developed. Hilton Hotels has come to the area, and other major resorts are under development, although the condition of the economy will slow the pace of development.

magiceye said...

so serene and peaceful!

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