Sunday, November 2, 2008

Langosta sidewalk

This is a Playa Langosta version of a sidewalk. This walkway cuts through the block across the street from our condo. People who live or stay in condos a block or two away take this path to walk to the beach behind our condo.

This illustrates the lush vegetation that grows in the tropical Costa Rican climate. With sidewalks like these, it is no wonder that people from the USA and Canada have made a community of vacation and retirement homes and condos in communities such as Langosta, Tamarindo, and other places in Costa Rica. As inviting as the beach is behind our condo, we also like walking around the community.

We walk to dinner, rather than driving, most nights. On the way to dinner, we might see raccoons walking along side the road. On the way home from dinner, we may be serenaded by frogs and we often see fire flies dancing around in wooded areas.


Strangetastes said...

Hey, David, thanks for doing the "follower" thing on my blog. My wife and I have been to Costa Rica twice and just love it. Never been to your part of the west coast, though, just farther southeast around Quepos and Drake Bay. I understand how seductive this little jewel of a country is. There are so many CDPBs these days it's hard to keep up but I'll visit often.

magiceye said...

lso peaceful and sereene

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