Saturday, November 1, 2008

Monthly theme: Bookstore with Costa Rican music

The Nov. 1 Daily Photo theme is books and bookstores. Tamarindo has one bookstore, named Jaime Peligro. For the photo, I am showing its display of music from Papaya Music, a Costa Rican record label that produces CDs of Central American music.
Papaya Music is sort of like a Central American version of Putumayo.

The American owner of the Jaime Peligro bookstore, Jim Parisi, researches and writes the liner notes for some of the Papaya Music CDs. They asked him to do so after reading his knowledgeable music and entertainment reviews that he writes for the Tamarindo News, a monthly community newspaper.

Papaya Music was formed in 2003 by a consortium of Costa Rican musicians and others who wanted to maintain the traditions of Central American music. They produce a diverse range of music, from folk ballads and instrumentals reflecting the Spanish heritage of Costa Rica to gospel music sung in English from the culture of Jamaican immigrants on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast.

Papaya Music has its own website that gives information about its history, a catalogue of its CDs, and you can listen to samples of its music.

For those who will be visiting Tamarindo during the upcoming tourist high season, the Jaime Peligro bookstore is located in central Tamarindo about a block towards Langosta on the road to Langosta. It is on the left, just past the convenience market and before you get to Carolina's Restaurant. You will find the owner, Jim, very knowledgeable and helpful.

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Jilly said...

Books and music. What more could you want? So much colour in this photograph. Love it.

ft. lauderdale daily photo said...

This is a great photo for the theme. I have also enjoyed so many of your other photos.

Tash said...

Gorgeous colorful display of CD's & fascinating info on the music. Excellent TD post.

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