Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blue motmot painting at shopping center

Yesterday I showed a view of the Plaza Conchal shopping center and mentioned that there are paintings of Costa Rican scenes at the shopping center. This is one of those scenes, showing two blue motmots, one perched and one flying, with a background of volcanic mountains.

This photo shows a larger view of the location of the painting in the shopping center. There are other small murals of Costa Rican scene in the other archways of the shopping center, above the first floor shops and below the second floor offices.

Below is a photo of a real blue motmot bird, which I posted on this website on August 25, along with information about the bird. It is easy to recognize the blue motmot in the painting because of its distinctive bare shafted racket tail.

People sometimes comment that artists like to paint what is familiar to them in their own surroundings, and it is therefore appropriate that in Costa Rica the artist decorated a local shopping center with murals of Costa Rican birds and jungle scenes.


Sharon said...

I think the motmot was my favorite bird that I saw in Costa Rica. There are so many beautiful birds but, there was something special about his one.

David -- said...

The day after tomorrow I plan to post a photo of a toucan, and I plan to use a photo that you took when you visited us in Costa Rica, as it is better than any toucan photo of mine.

Your opinion that the blue motmot was your favorite will have to be weighed against the spectacular toucan. That is a tough competition for avian cuteness.

Jarart said...

A great way to beautify the mall.

robo said...
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robo said...
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