Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dance, yoga and exercise studio

Yesterday I showed the advertising poster for tango lessons, so today I am showing where the tango lessons are held. This is the second floor of a shopping center where there is a dance and exercise studio. The signs in the window advertise not only tango, but tai chi, yoga, pilates, and "Danzas Latinas."

A business such as this would probably be unremarkable in your town, but for a small Costa Rican beach town like Tamarindo, which is best known for its surfing, this is a sign of the diversification of available activities and the growth of the community.

This business obviously caters to non-surfing, higher-end tourists. I doubt that the following dialogue occurs when surfers wake up at a hostel in the morning (or perhaps the afternoon)

"Hey, dude, let's go surfing again now. I can hear the waves pounding the sand, it's another perfect afternoon for surfing here in Tamarindo, and there are probably some hot chicks laying out in the sand under the palm trees."

"No, man, you go ahead and surf without me. I'm going to put on my yoga threads and practice my tai chi routine with the babes over at the dance, exercise and yoga studio."

On second thought, maybe the surfers should try yoga and tai chi. It would probably help their balance and flexibility for surfing, and they would probably meet more women.

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Sharon said...

You are right, there is lot more going on in Tamarindo than just surfing!

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