Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tango in Tamarindo?

OK, I know today's post is rather goofy, but I will try to have a little fun at the risk of making a fool of myself, which I do rather easily.

Above is a "Learn to Dance Tango" poster. That's right, in Tamarindo, a small Costa Rican beach town, there is a dance studio where you can take tango lessons.

The scene shown in the advertising poster is, of course, Buenos Aires, with its Obelisk monument in the middle of Avenida 9th de Julio (the widest street in the world), and the very Argentine tango dancers and street scene.

In order to give the illusion that I have any credibility to comment about tango, I will risk embarrassing myself and share with you the following two photos from my most recent trip to Buenos Aires, last November, where my son lives. (No, the hat is not mine and, yes, this occurred the day before my wife flew down and joined the trip.)

Imagine this scenario. You come to Tamarindo for a Costa Rican beach vacation, take tango lessons, then return to your town, go to a night club and dazzle the patrons with your tango moves. The most beautiful people in the club line up to cut in to dance with you. Your dancing partner swoons, gazes intently into your eyes, and asks you, "Where did you learn to become such an accomplished tango master, Buenos Aires?" Will you respond "Of course" or will you say "On the beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica."

If you take tango lessons in Tamarindo, you will probably be anxious to apply your lessons and go dancing right away. Where can you dance the tango in Tamarindo besides the dance studio? Tomorrow I will show you.


Jilly said...

What a hoot of a post. Love the poster and adore your story of the tango. Good for you! I adore tango. We have a Tango Festival in Menton and I love going into the town and watching the dancers.

Sharon said...

I must say Dave, you look like a natural and I love the hat!

JM said...

Very funny post, David! :-)
Were the shots taken at San Telmo?
The previous sunset is fantastic!

Jarart said...

That's great fun! But what impressed me the most was that well defined muscle in the leg of that beautiful young girl.

David -- www.CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

JM, the photo was taken in La Boca, just off Caminito Street, which of course is a touristy neighborhood than San Telmo, which is a real neighborhood. Although the last two times I have been to San Telmo it was on a Sunday morning while the fair and market goes on in the Plaza, and it was packed, and the streets in every direction were packed.

David -- www.CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Yes, the woman's calf muscle in the bottom photo is indeed well defined, and I will delude myself into thinking that you and others will believe me if I agree with you that is what I also felt was most impressive, although it obviously was not apparent to me until I saw the photo.

Tango dancers are amazing athletes. The speed and grace of their movement and the skillful footwork is remarkable.

Kate said...

You are a brave man, Dave. Great photos. The tango is a lesson in exercise, too.

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