Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Purple flower

Like yesterday's photo, this is another flower in the gardens of our condo in the Playa Langosta area of Tamarindo.  Unlike yesterday, I am sure that I cannot identify this one.  Perhaps a reader will be able to help.

After initially posting this photo, I received a comment/question about the building in the background.  Although I cannot identify the flower, I can identify the building.  It is our condo.


brattcat said...

I'm no help with botanical i.d.s but this is an excellent photo with that sharp focus on the flowers and the soft green and gold behind...btw what is that golden building in the background? said...

The golden building in the background is our condo on the beach in Playa Langosta. It is actually part mustard and part pumpkin in color. I will add that information to the description of the photo.

Sharon said...

Purple flowers....oh how I love purple flowers.

Jarart said...

The flowers are lovely and I like the way you captured the building in the background.

Jacob said...

This is obviously, a purple flower! If I can be of any further service, please let me know!


glenda said...

Really lovethe color of this one!

nathalie in avignon said...

Hi David,

Regarding your comment in Menton, yes a number of us are ex-pats of sorts at city daily photo.
Not the case for Eric who started Paris Daily Photo, but certainly the case for
- Jilly in Menton, she's British
- Peter in Paris, he's Swedish
- Richrad in Zurich, he's a Scot
- me in Avignon, I'm from Paris (and what really started me on it was my previous blog in Sydney)

It certainly gives us a fresh look on things, doesn't it?

But sometimes also an annoyingly un-knowledgeable one when we can't name the flowers that surround us or fail to understand the cultural subtleties of the country, don't you think ?

Anonymous said...


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