Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dogs and swimmers at the mouth of Tamarindo Estuary

This is a telephoto shot of the same scene that I posted yesterday, which shows that are two ladies and their dogs relaxing in the water at the spot where the Tamarindo Estuary flows into the ocean.

About a week or two ago I posted some photos of my wife when she did not want to walk or swim across the mouth of the Langosta Estuary when it was high tide, and a lifeguard picked her up in a kayak. The Tamarindo Estuary is about 10 times larger than the Langosta Estuary. The most dangerous place to swim is at the mouth of the estuary because the current can flow like a river out to the ocean, yet here a two ladies and their dogs, one of them quite small, frolicking right in the mouth of the estuary.

This photo shows that if you pay attention to the tide, even the most dangerous place on Tamarindo beach can be safe to swim. The rest of Tamarindo beach is a wonderful place for swimming, with a gentle slope of a beach in a bay that is partly sheltered and partly exposed to the ocean waves for surfing.

We are showing photos of India this week on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site. If you have not checked out the photos yet this week, I think you are in for a treat.


cieldequimper said...

Arrgghhh! Cold and pouring here! Happy Easter!

Sharon said...

I had to blow this one up to see that those ladies really are just relaxing in the water.

Jarart said...

The little dog looks like it's thinking about heading for dry ground while the larger one looks like it's having a fine time.

Jacob said...

It looks wonderful. But people are too often not careful. We have a number of people that drown off our coasts every year 'cause they don't pay attention to the warning signs - especially when it comes to rip currents.

Re your comment about finding that plane...maybe...but, too many of these single engine pilots fly like too many drivers drive. They're always crashing!

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