Sunday, April 4, 2010

Las Baulas National Park

Here is the sign announcing some of the visitor activities in Las Baulas National Park, which is the northern boundary of Tamarindo.

I have shown photos in the past of the estuary tour. There are other tours, as shown on this sign. I have done sports fishing and snorkeling, but did so from Tamarindo bay rather than from the national park.

I have mentioned the tours to watch the endangered leatherback turtles lay their eggs on Playa Grande, just across the Tamarindo Estuary from Tamarindo Beach. My wife and her brother and his wife have taken one of those tours. They are in the evening in the winter months, and the park guide led them out at night to wait for the turtles, who decided not to come ashore that night. If it had been called a beach fire fly tour, it would have been a success.

The environmental authorities oppose the development of homes near the beach at Playa Grande so that there will not be lights near the beach, as the lights confuse the turtles and interfere with their egg laying. They swim to Tamarindo all the way from the Galapagos Islands to bury their eggs in the sand.

Today is Sunday, so that means we have new photos on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site. This week we are featuring Dubrovnik, a gem on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Come take a look.


Julie said...

I have been turtle watching at this park. i have yet to see the magnificent Leatherback turtle, but hope to be there at the right time of the year to have that experience.

Jarart said...

It would be fun to see the turtles. But firefly watching would be fun too. We used to have them here but no more.

Bob Crowe said...

We had dinner with Emily and Brian last night, the first time we've seen them since they came back from Tamarindo (crazy work schedules). They loved the place and they loved your apartment. We're talking about all of us going down next winter. All your photos are such temptations.

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