Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Faces on River Corobici

My wife, her brother and sister-in-law made it through the rapids just fine on Rio Corobici. The raft trip they took is a wildlife viewing trip, with small rapids, rather than a while water adventure raft trip with large rapids, which are also popular in Costa Rica.

As you can see in this photo, they are all enjoying their trip very much. I was not with them on this trip, as her brother and his wife visited Costa Rica with Julie during a time when I was at work in Phoenix.

Who took the photo? Their river guide. He obviously can compose and take a photo well even while paddling a raft.

Costa Rica pays attention to visitor safety, and they required life jackets on the raft trip.

This trip is well worth taking. The guides point out wildlife that would be missed by the untrained eye. During the trip, the guide got out a long knife and sliced fresh pineapple to eat while floating on the river.

After the trip, there is a stop for lunch before returning to Tamarindo. The lunch offered a choice between tilapia or chicken. We recommend the tilapia. It is very good.

Although in this photo my wife was in front of the camera, she is even more comfortable behind a camera, as her photos on her two websites illustrate. She operates and

Viva la is a travel photo site on which she posts a series of photos from some where in the world every Sunday. This week she is showing some spectacular wildlife photos that she took earlier this year on a photo safari in Tanzania, Africa. If you have not already checked out the photos, I encourage you to click on the link: Viva la Voyage!


Leif Hagen said...

Like Robinson Curiso! Looks like it was a fun adventure!

JM said...

It must have been great! I did it in the Iguazu river when I visited the falls on the argentinian side.

Lois said...

That sounds like the kind of rafting trip I would enjoy!

Sharon said...

Those river guides are talented people. This is a great photo.

glenda said...

Some of my favorite people! Very nice shot.

Bob Crowe said...

This makes me so envious. I keep meaning to email you about the condo for next winter. Gotta get it done.

We had a bad experience in water safety the last time we were in CR. We took a small (you might say flimsy) dolphin watching boat off Drake Bay. The pilot went way too far off shore, perhaps 10 miles, and the water started to get rough. I had doubts about getting back to shore safely. The crew didn't say anything about life jackets until a Costa Rican coast guard ship approached us and we were told to quickly put them on.

Anonymous said...

What fun they had without you!!!

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