Thursday, June 10, 2010

River Rafting at Corobici

Here is a photo of the starting point of the river raft trip down the River Corobici.

My wife took this photo over the shoulder of her brother as they started approaching the first rapids in a raft on the river. There are crocodiles in the river, I might add, but they have an experienced and skillful guide manning the oars of the raft. Tomorrow's photo will show what occurs next.

It is fun to take the Corobici River raft excursion because it is so quiet and you can see animals before they slither into the water or into the underbrush, as long as you are quiet or talk softly.

On this trip, visitors can see river otters, crocodiles, caiman, howler monkeys, sloths, Jesus Christ Lizards that walk on water (actually, they run across the water), and many birds.

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Kate said...

Reminiscent of the African Queen?

brattcat said...

Okay, so he's wearing a life jacket. But if he falls in the water are the critters waiting to attack?

glenda said...

What a great adventure. Glad to see Lonnie has a life jacket, but i think brattcat has a point.

Julie said...

this is a great place to have a gentle river raft excursion and see wildlife. in the deep parts of the river, you would not want to fall in as there are crocodiles but it would be really hard to fall out unless you meant to.

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