Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Irazu volcano crater

This is a closer photo of the lake in the crater of Irazu volcano, which I showed yesterday. The lake is yellowish green in color because of the sulfuric content of the water.

The crater is 1,050 meters (3,444 ft.) in diameter and 300 meters (984 ft.) deep. That makes it the largest crater in Costa Rica. Bring a jacket if you plan to visit, as it is cool at the high elevation, otherwise you will be scurrying back to your car if it becomes windy.

The crater is a short walk from a parking area, so this is a convenient volcano to visit. There are hiking trails to the four other craters in the park.


Hope said...

Impressive! I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your photos of the volcano. Very interesting!

Belgrade Daily Photo said...

Wow, that is incredible. It would be nice to someday visit.

Jilly said...

The water is such an unusual colour. What incredible shots today and yesterday. I also loved your butterfly and especially the photograph of the gardener - great portrait.

Thanks for your visits to Monte Carlo DP (and Eze) - I left a response but am appalled they didn't supply a replacement champagne glass free of charge.

Nathalie H.D. said...

I'm so pleased to see picture of Irazu Volcano, I remember it so well from the days I lived in Costa Rica. If you have a chance to post other photos of the road going up, the cute Swiss style milk farms (if they're still there) I'd love that.

I read your champagne glass story at Jilly's, amazing!!!

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