Saturday, January 24, 2009

Main street

This photo of an older section of the main street in Tamarindo offers a contrast to yesterday's photo of a new commercial building in the center of town. The buildings in this photo, with a second story veranda and a thatched roof on the building at right, interspersed with palm trees, is more of what you would expect of a Costa Rican beach town, rather than yesterday's photo.

The beach and ocean is right behind these building, which makes them an ideal location for surfboard rental and other beach shops. I would not expect to find a yoga, tai chi or dance studio in any of the buildings in this photo, whereas that business seems right at home in the modern shopping center featured in yesterday's post.

Tomorrow I will show a photo of the old and the new in Tamarindo in the same picture.


Kate said...

Despite the fact that the building you featured yesterday is sleek and modern, I really prefer this one. I'd love to live there!!

Sharon said...

Now this is a street I recognize.

Judy said...

I agree with Kate, I like this street. It seems more relaxed. said...

Kate and Jarart,
I was very interested in your comments. We decided in buying our two condos in Tamarindo that we wanted to be part of a town that still has the ambiance of being in a foreign country and is not a master planned development where the grounds and buildings are more pristine, but everything starts to look and feel the same.

I showed some photos in December of the Four Season Papagayo, which is beautiful, but after a while you start to feel like it is a part of Hawaii transplanted to Costa Rica.

We will look forward to how Tamarindo continues to develop. There will be more buildings like the sleek, modern one I showed yesterday, but hopefully the community will retain a Tico flavor, even though it is populated by international residents and tourists.

Hilda said...

This and yesterday's photo really gives one a sense of what it's like in Tamarindo. Very nice posts.
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