Friday, January 9, 2009

Roseate spoonbill painting at shopping center

This painting of roseate spoonbills in flight also decorates the Plaza Conchal shopping center, which I have shown in the last few days. I am posting below a photo of a real roseate spoonbill in flight, so you can compare the shopping center painting with the real bird, similar to yesterday's post of a blue motmot painting and photo.

I posted the photo of the roseate spoonbill in flight
on September 23. Roseate spoonbills can be identified by their distinctive rounded, spatula shaped bill. I posted a photo of a flock of rosette spoonbills perched in a tree on September 22.

My guess is that Costa Rica is probably the only place where you could expect to see paintings of blue motmots and roseate spoonbills at a shopping center. Other paintings in the same shopping center, which I could also post in the future, show toucans, a humming bird, parrots, and other Costa Rican wildlife.


Sharon said...

Another beautiful bird. This is the bird that I saw in the tree that you featured on 9/22. I'll never forget that sight.

glenda said...

What a beautiful pink color. It doesn't look real.

Jill said...

These are such a beautiful bird.

Vicente B said...

interesantes fotos de Costa Rica... ahí tal vez me vaya en marzo...!!!!
Un saludo desde el lejano Mediterraneo

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