Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tango restaurant

If you take tango lessons while visiting Tamarindo, as I described yesterday, where will you dance the tango so you do not forget what you learned before you go home? No problem. Tamarindo has a fairly new Argentine tango and steak themed restaurant, called Tango & Grill, shown here.

I stopped by to take these photos while it was still daylight, too early for evening diners and dancers. I have not eaten at this restaurant yet, as my son lives in Buenos Aires so I get a lot of Argentine steak and tango when I go down there. But I look forward to trying out this restaurant.

Most of the residents of Tamarindo are international, particularly Americans, Canadians and Europeans, but I know of several Argentines as well who live in Tamarindo. The food, music and decor in this restaurant should remind them of home.

Announcement of a new City Daily Photo site of interest: I would like to welcome the Scottsdale, Arizona, USA Daily Photo site and encourage folks to click on this link to check it out. Scottsdale, like Tamarindo, is a lovely resort area, but unlike Tamarindo it is in a desert rather than on a tropical Pacific beach.

Scottsdale is a leading center for the arts and is a much larger, developed, affluent suburb of the major metropolis of Phoenix. It is famous for its golf, resorts, art galleries, and the beauty of the desert. But even though the desert Southwest is known for spectacular sunsets, I still think nothing compares to the sun setting into the Pacific in Tamarindo/Langosta.


Saretta said...

These photo blogs drive me nuts reminding me of all the great international food I can't get here in southern Italy. Okay, okay, the food's pretty good here, too, but I want an Argentinian steak! said...

It is surprising to read a complaint about food from someone in Italy, given how popular Italian food is throughout the world. I have been to Italy 6 times (including planning and leading a group of 16 family and friends on the last trip), and love the food, although I have to admit I do not recall having any steaks in Italy comparable to Argentine beef.

Many Argentines, including my son's girlfriend's family, came from Italy, and Italian food is extremely popular in Argentina. It is puzzling that Italian culture and culinary tastes transplanted to Argentina have resulted in a per capita beef consumption several times higher than other countries.

We are fortunate in Tamarindo to have such a variety of restaurants, and many of the top restaurants have European chefs who have brought a combination of culinary cultures to town.

By the way, my son in Argentina is part owner of several restaurants, and the type of food they serve is -- Italian.

Sharon said...

This restaurant looks great! I notice that it appears to be all in-doors which is unusual for Tamarindo. Aren't many of the restaurants partly open-air? said...

You are indeed correct. Almost all of the restaurants in Tamarindo are open air, and this one has large windows that are generally wide open. Carolina's and this restaurant are the only two that I can recall being completely within four walls. Like Hawaii, the hotel lobbies are generally open air as well.

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