Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bus billboard

Yesterday I showed a billboard with a photo of this model to advertise a housing development.  Here is another use of the same advertisement, except the ad is on the back of the shuttle bus that runs between the Garden Plaza shopping center and hotels and resorts in Tamarindo.  

I can imagine the dialogue between the model and her agent.  It probably went something like this:  "Hey, buttercup, I got a great gig for ya.  You wear an elegant, sparkly evening gown with spaghetti straps."

She might inquire:  "Swifty, where will my photo be displayed?  I want to make sure that it fits my image for sophisticated modeling jobs."

The agent would respond, "It'll be first class all the way, baby.  Your photo will be on billboards and magazine ads.  And there will be a giant photo of you plastered all over the back of a bus, with taillights coming out of your neck like giant moles.  It'll be great." 

Here is a photo of what the rest of the bus looks like.  It is a shuttle bus that takes people back and forth from hotels and resorts in Tamarindo to the Garden Plaza Shopping Center, which is at the entrance to town and, unlike most of the shops in Tamarindo, is not in walking distance from the center of town.

Tomorrow, I will show you method of promoting a business that definitely was not created by an ad agency.


Sharon said...

She looks like she has just arrived from outer space!

Judy said...

That's funny Sharon! Looks like one of our school busses.

brattcat said...

I'm still chuckling. Great post.

Hilda said...

At least the tail lights look like jewelry ;)

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