Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Iguana in a tree (3)

There are many reasons that it pays to look up into the trees when walking around in Costa Rica. There could be monkeys, birds (there are more species of birds in Costa Rica than in the USA and Canada combined), sloths, or iguanas. Lots of iguanas.

The iguanas are often well camouflaged. I have seen them brown, grey, green or orange. The green ones like this one are especially difficult to see up in the trees. The can climb as high as 40 meters (65 ft.) up in the trees.

The tease for tomorrow is that it will be something else to be seen in a tree. And, yes, they are alive.

Green iguanas lay eggs in December or January in batches of about 40 at a time. The female will dig a burrow 1 - 2 meters (3 - 7 ft.) long, and will fill up the hole with dirt and pack it down with her nose.


Sharon said...

I can see how this one would be hard to spot in a tree. So, if the eggs are burried, how do the young make their way to the surface?

brattcat said...

What an excellent capture, Dave.

Judy said...

Nice shot! Not warm and cuddly but cute all the same.

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