Saturday, August 6, 2011

Church audience

Yesterday I showed the speaker at the church in Santa Cruz. Today's photo shows the audience. They appeared very attentive at the high energy address. This was not a mass, but a meeting, so I felt it was OK to take a photo. No one seemed to mind.

I am usually disappointed in the architecture when I see a modern Catholic church rather than a traditional Spanish colonial design. This church does have some very pleasant design elements. I will show a few more photos of this scene in the days ahead.

This week we have photos of the Music Palace in Barcelona on ourViva la Voyage travel photo site. This week we are showing the interior of the Music Palace in Barcelona.


Kate said...

It must have been an important topic for the event since it looks like a fairly good size crowd. The stained glass looks very colourful. Any chance of seeing more of that? said...

There will be a splash of stained glass coming up in another photo in a few days that I have already loaded in the queue. It will be my favorite photo in this series.

Thank you , as always, for your comments.

Sharon said...

They've filled the church it looks like so it must be important. I like the stained glass across the top.

Nicolas said...

How can i contact you to make a link exchange.
Pura Vida!
Nicolas V.

Jack said...

It is a good-sized and attentive crowd. The meeting must have been about something important to the residents.

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