Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fan Palm

I like the vegetation along Langosta Beach, as there are trees and bushes along the sand so that you can barely see the beachfront houses as you look down the beach.

This photo shows what will become a fan palm tree, with dappled light on the sprouting leaves.

Tomorrow's photo will be a little unusual for a beach scene.

Today is Sunday, so we have new photos on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site. This week we are showing photos of our favorite Villa at Lake Como, the Villa Balbianello. You may have seen it in Casino Royale or another movie.


Kate said...

These plants become magnificent as they grow. We have one in the Conservatory in St. Paul that I am always happy to see. Growing in the "wild" so to speak must be a wonderful sight to see! Ps. Your word verification today is "blessed" and you and Julie really are to have a condo in that beautiful spot!!

Jack said...

You could probably consume many months cataloging the various kinds of palms living down there in Costa Rica.

glenda said...

Great for privavy!

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