Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rodeo First Aid Station

The rodeo grounds in Santa Rosa have a small building for medical care for people injured at the rodeos.  I guess that is a reflection that rodeo riding can be  dangerous.

I guess it is human nature to challenge ourselves, even if it can risk injury.  I am a lot more cautious now than I used to be, in recognition of the fact that tomorrow I will turn 62 years of age and I am not in as good physical condition as I used to be.

In my younger days, I enjoyed activities such as snow skiing, and I have 29 stitches in my head from a bad skiing accident to prove it.

This week we are showing some photos of Paris, featuring several of its museums. on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site.


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Dave! I understand completely. I'm a lot more careful of injury than I used to be.

Kate said...

Age brings many changes, and the best one is more wisdom! May you have a wonderful birthday, filled with sunshine, love, and laughter. . .no greater gifts!

Judy said...

These first aid stations get a lot of use during a rodeo.
Here's wishing you a happy birthday!

Lowell said...

Rodeos are very dangerous. Lots of serious injuries every year so this aid station is a good thing.

I think when we're young we have a certain sense of infallibility which leads us to do dumb things but as we get older we realize how fallacious and dangerous that was.

And a very Happy Birthday to you!

Bob Crowe said...

So, the wisdom of survival. I'm just ahead of you in age and I've had a few close calls, too, although I never could learn to ski despite many attempts. Treasure what we have.

Jack said...

I would expect that the young bucks who participate in rodeos regularly break and sprain and strain things.

Happy birthday tomorrow! I know what you mean about increasing caution. We have probably all done dumb things that we somehow survived and learned from.

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