Sunday, July 3, 2011

A young family enjoying the beach

After showing several weeks of photos of crocodiles, iguanas and other animals, it is time to return to some photos of the beach, such as yesterday's and today's photos.

This young mother is watching her daughters engage in the classic and simple pleasure of playing in the sand. She is wise to put a hat on her younger child, and I hope her older child has plenty of sun screen on her back. The mother is protecting her own back and shoulders from the sun, but she might be getting too much sun elsewhere.

As these photos show, Tamarindo and Langosta (where I took these photos) are nice beaches for families. During the summer months, it is particularly common to see families enjoying the beach. During the January through April "high season," it is more common to see mature couples escaping the cold weather up north. Fully half the people who rent my two condos during the high season are Canadians.

Today is Sunday, so we have new photos on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site. This week we have a different type of photo series than normal, as we are featuring urban scenes from Chicago.


Kate said...

The children are so typical...they seem to be having a great time playing in the sand. Mama's swimsuit looks interesting; would love to see the top (if there is one!).

Sharon said...

Sunny times on the beach!

glenda said...

Great fun!

Anonymous said...

Life as it can, as it should be.

Please have a nice new week.

daily athens

Judy said...

Kate has made me laugh! I wouldn't want a sunburn in the most prominent bare spot that I see on the mom!

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